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Square Bar

Square Bar with standard finish.
Our in-house polishing facility can supply all grit finishes to 1000 grit!

314 Code316 CodeSize AxBWeight kg m 
SB 4x4-304SB 4x4-3164x40.13
SB 6x6-304SB 6x6-3166x60.33
SB 6.35x6.35-304SB 6.35x6.35-3166.35x6.350.34
SB 8x8-304SB 8x8-3168x80.53
SB 9.52x9.52-304SB 9.52x9.52-3169.52x9.520.75
SB 10x10-304SB 10x10-31610x100.8
SB 12x12-304SB 12x12-31612x121.27
SB 12.7x12.7-304SB 12.7x12.7-31612.7x12.71.32
SB 15.88x15.88-304SB 15.88x15.88-31615.88x15.882.03
SB 16x16-304SB 16x16-31616x162.05
SB 19.05x19.05-304SB 19.05x19.05-31619.05x19.052.98
SB 20x20-304SB 20x20-31620x203.21
SB 25x25-304SB 25x25-31625x255.18
SB 25.4x25.4-304SB 25.4x25.4-31625.4x25.45.29
SB 32x32-304SB 32x32-31632x328.21
SB 38.1x38.1-304SB 38.1x38.1-31638.1x38.111.9
SB 40x40-304SB 40x40-31640x4012.83
SB 45x45-304SB 45x45-31645x4516.24
SB 50x50-304SB 50x50-31650x5020.05
SB 50.8x50.8-304SB 50.8x50.8-31650.8x50.821.2